My Australian Family

Yes it’s surprising when I said, My Australian Family on the top. Let me tell me the story behind it. Everybody have memories, among them, there are remarkably retentive memories like I have. In the photo, even the title says, my Australian family, it’s the team I had when I was working as a Manager of The Mission to Seafarers, Victoria. An NGO, a beautiful place with lovely architecture including a stunning dome.

Just look at that smile on my face, it was one of the happiest and saddest moments in my life. Under that bid smile, I had only 14 days to leave that place, yes this was the farewell from my staff. We were a family. On to my left it’s Andrea Fleaming, the gorgeous lady who was my CEO. That smile was always there for me every morning to evening at the office. I loved even when she was grumpy too and also I learnt a lot from her, she is a living angel, If I learnt something real in my life to be a leader, I learnt from her, I never missed her even I left Australia, because she is still everywhere I work and walk. To have such a good-natured woman as your boss, you must be damn lucky. And it’s priceless.

To my right, holding my hand, it’s Kelly Meddings, Our Marketing Manager, she reminded me pink panther, not by the look but from her gesture, Always she took my back when I was an angry as hell. She was one of the person who could control my anger. “Warnie, relax ! Let’s go and grab a stubby. Chill Bro !!!” She said “Fuck it. You are great”, whenever I lost temper over people. I heard recently she gotta baby.

Behind all of us, it’s Captain Nigel Porteous, a maritime legend. He was the chairman for MtSV in Docklands and such a beautiful person who I can never forget with his lifetime advises and cool behavior.

Well, that’s it folks. This is just a part of the beautiful moment and I wish I can write a book on the experience I had around there three beautiful people. Soon.

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