Food is around you

Well it’s the pandemic and nature is blaming us for not taking care of her. Food is the most crucial thing everybody talks but never work on it. People who lives couple of decays back, had enough food to fill up the whole country. When technology hits in the late 90’s people got busy with the electronics and guess what ? They replaced their farming time with television and internet. I still can remember when I visited my grand mother in a village called “Kottawa” which was in down-south of Sri Lanka, she started cooking when she saw our car moving from the hill sides, she was living in a middle of a tea estate surrounded by a mountain range, from the entrance to the subway, we had to drive around 20 minutes to reach her house, because the road was narrow and with lots of bushes around. We always drove safely and slowly. She wanted only 1 hour to prepare the lunch for us, preparations went while we are reaching the house.

Well what she had was an open fire cooker made with clay and cooked in clay pots. No microwaves, no gas cookers or electric ovens. Controlling the air with her own techniques and used the wind to light up and spread the temperature carefully to each parts of the pot. I’ve been trying this for ages but still that science is unlearnable. It’s amazing to watch how she cooked 6-7 curries ( Dishes ) with two fire places (Stoves), changing one pot to another.

Everything was home grown from vegetables to spices which were home made. Only the salt she had which was bought from the city. So it was the final age I saw a wonderful Sri Lanka. She never had to wait for melodramas, never had an iPhone to stay on Instagram and I know that she spent a quality time with novels and papers around her. She was a living encyclopedia.

Damn, that’s so lucky she had no blogging skills or setup, otherwise she would have blogging all day on cooking and farming, might cause loosing her wonderful tasty food. Here we are back to Pandemics in 2021 after 30 years from that time. We’ve got food blogs, farming blogs, automated fertilizing machines and microwave ovens but still we are waiting for the Pizza guy to ring the bell, watching the food program. These every moment learnt me a lesson and I heard that shout from within myself – “Grow Something Stupid !!!! “, made me grow around my backyard some fresh vegetables on pots.

So the food is around us. We just have to work it out.

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