How to get your child to ask you for the homework ?

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The word “HOMEWORK” is scary to anyone. not only to kids, but as a matured person, I also don’t wanna see those two words together. Who like to work in this world ? So do the kids?

Apparently kids don’t like to be at home and being at home and doing some work will be an utter nightmare for them. So how to deal with it ? Just change the name. 

Instead of saying “Let’s do the homework ?” say “Let’s do a task

Leandra loves doing tasks. She’s energetic and hate sitting at the same place so I make sure all the tasks she has are not more than 20 minutes. Not only short, but they are so colorful. 

When it comes to completing Worksheets, Let’s say a Game. As a dad I’m so careful about what it has on the paper. We live is Sri Lanka, which is far away from United States and sometimes I get worksheets from my friends as a gift from Russia, Australia and USA. But I always becareful to give Lea some local learning models such as colorbooks and pronunciation guides with local animals and things. Never give your kid the foreign stuff. As an example, Lea has been seen a lots of peacocks around her and if I replace that peacock with a kookaburra, that she hasn’t even seen or heard before, it will add a great hesitation to her mind. Explaining about kookaburra for another 5-10 minutes will make the task boring. So make sure that your kid work with the animals and things she’s familiar with, until she levels up with basic speaking skills. 

Kids craizily love colors. So unless, it’s for coloring purpose, don’t try to save few bucks by printing their tasks in ugly Black and White draft mode. Give them some colors. They’ll love it for sure. 

Recognizing the colors and identifying the names of the colors is an important part of a child’s development. Early identification of colors helps to create the cognitive link between visual clues and words. I always ensure my little one work with natural and eco friendly colors, such as Eco Crayon sticks my little angel uses. It’s so important we give our kidos those are Non toxic. 

It cost me just 20 bucks but worth the safety on it as I’m so careful about what they made out of, such as  100% Pure beeswax and natural soy-wax.


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