Sea Sand and Sun at Hikka Beach

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Hikkaduwa, in Sri Lanka. One of the stunning beaches in Sri Lanka. Guess what ? Lea’s favorite beach since she was 6 months. We love hanging around the beach playing with the waves, making sand castles and watching sea turtles. That’s right, sea turtles are friendly and cute. Lea loves touching them but I explained her why we shouldn’t touch them. Respecting the ocean is a huge part of being a responsible visitor to the sea.

Every time whenever we are having a bath, I whisper at Lea “take nothing but photos, leave nothing but bubbles”.

Everyday she finds a new friend from the beach. Of course it doesn’t matter what language they speak, they understand each other very well. This is Katia from Russia, she was speaking Russian and little Lea was speaking English. Well finally they exchanged their happiness being on the beach and guess what, Katia offered an ice cream to me. 

“What should we give to her ?” Lea asked. Well I was speechless and found my seashell bag full of rare seashells for Katia. 

Such a wonderful evening we had on the beach. 

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